Driving Force

I have seen people motivated by so many different things. The silliest ones were people driven by blind love. They did things you would just laugh at. I have seen people motivated by greed that did things that were horrible. Everyone is motivated to do or accomplish certain goals in their lives. Each one was motivated by a driving force. For us to get off dead center, there is a good reason behind it. Whether it is for love or some other reason in our lives. Our driving force needs to be a correct choice in our lives. There is no mistake that it is a choice. And we are responsible for those choices. It is popular today to say, it was because of my father or mother or brother that I did this or that. But when it comes down to who did it, it is always you. No one can make you do anything. Yes, I have seen people coerced into doing things. But it was always a choice, your choice. Each person chooses what they know. It is more like monkey see and monkey do. I want this because they have it, or it is pretty and I want it. People learn from what is around them. Sometimes to their own destruction. When I think things out I usually can accomplish all my goals. But the driving force behind me has changed over the years. It can change from day to day or some can be with you forever. No matter what the force is you need to make your driving force a correct choice. Let the forces for good influence your life. For that to happen your will need a good moral compass. There is only one place to get what you need. It will never come from this world. The only place I have ever found in this world is God Himself. He is the only person who has ever genuinely cared for me. He was always concerned what happened to me and provide motivation to accomplish the goals that would help me. And all you have to do is to sincerely ask Him to help you.



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