How long is a Good Life?

In the beginning, man lived for hundreds of years. One man lived over 900 years. Then came the flood that destroyed most of mankind and man lived a shorter life. As man progress, life became shorter. During the Dark ages, man’s life was about 30 to 40 years. And most people died from violence or disease. Still life had never expanded more than 50 years. Then came the Industrial Revolution and medicine. The scientific endeavor to medically help man live longer is still raging. More money is pump into medicines than almost anything else. The pursuit of the miracle pill that will keep us alive for a long time is what the race is about. You know what is funny about all of this is the side effects of the new medicines. When they list all the side effects the last one said is death. So most of the new medicines can kill you. Well then how do you live a long life? You have to look at the people who lived a long life. And most of those were from about 6000 years ago. Most people don’t want to hear why those people lived so long, but here goes. The people that lived long were farmers, shepherds or otherwise lived in the country. Their lives were mostly free from stress. They ate healthy food. They got the proper amount of sleep. They lead a normal life with an extended family living around them. And most of them served God all of their lives. They lived their life as God had intended man to live. You want longevity in your life, then follow their example serve God and live.


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