The Farmer

The area I live in is mostly agriculture. There are more farmers then that. You can see tractors drive through town on any given day. The industry in our area is mostly tractor and combine sales and service. It is a nice little town. 5 o’clock traffic last for about 5 minutes. We live not too far from a larger city in which I work. But getting back to the farmers of our area, they work the land. They work the land all year long. Not only do they plow and sow crops, they harvest them also. But in the off season they work the land to prepare it for next year. It is a good life for many people. The land has been handed down through many generations. These farmers have to be concerned about what they put into the ground. If they want a certain crop, they just can’t plant anything. There is a state government experimental station located in our community. It helps the farmer with many aspects of farming. People are grateful for this service. Sowing seed has become an art form. They find the right one and sow at a certain time of year. There is even a federal government service to chase away the migratory birds that come to eat the seed sown. Just think about the farmers from 200 years ago, what they had to go through to get a crop. There is a life lesson in the work that the farmer does. He sows seeds to produce a favorable result. If the farmer sows his seed on the side of the field, it will not produce a crop. Then there are the weeds to contend with. You see God’s word is the seed of life. And where the seed falls and grows is just as important as receiving God’s word. God says, that man shall not live by bread alone, but by ever word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. What kind of crop are you producing?

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