On a sad note, it seems that people want to blame everyone else for their troubles. It is because my dad or my mom or my brother or sister. This is the best excuse or the worst one yet, the devil made me do it. Excuses are everywhere. Why be accountable when you can blame somebody else? I don’t need to take charge of my life when someone else is making me choose wrong things. It seems ludicrous. But this is the order of the day. How did a people come so far away from the truth? Life has never been fair. What you want to accomplish takes patience and work and setbacks. Nothing is ever perfect all the time. There will be trials in your life. But you don’t have to create trouble for yourself when there is enough to go around. A friend was injured in Iraq. His back was fractured in IED explosion. At first he couldn’t walk, then with treatment a miracle happened and he could walk with assistance. He was fussing and fretting over not walking. He had told me before that God had called him into the ministry. I told him that God didn’t need his legs for the ministry. God wanted him to go into the ministry. That was the real question, whether or not he would answer the call. No more excuses for him, he had to choose. He choose God. He went to bible school and guess what happened? He was healed and walks today, because he had to walk through to get to the other side. It is the same for all of us. We have to choose what we are going to do in this life. There are no excuses. And you can’t blame somebody else for your choices. As the bible says, in Psalms 23, though I walk through the valley of death, I will fear no evil for You, God, are with me. It is popular to fall into escapism, but it is not profitable for you in this life or in the one to come.


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