Hindsight is always 20/20. We can see perfectly in the past. But it doesn’t always help us in the future. Well what about the future? If we could see into the future we would never make a mistake with our lives. Then we would be perfect, almost. Even if we were perfect we would find a way to screw it up. I’d bet on man any day to mess up anything that was given to them. The reason being is man isn’t perfect. He is flawed in almost everything. Why do you think there is so much disease and misfortune in this world? It is because man still controls it. Nobody seems to remember 50 years ago or 100 years ago. How many wars have been fought in the last 100 years? How many times has one race of people tried to destroy another in the past 100 years? Yet can you tell me, did they solve any problems of mankind except stopping the war. I am not trying to be pessimistic, but man is just a poor example of anything. It is political season and we have elected a president who is the least objectionable. We aren’t going to elect the right person for the right job. Even God flooded the earth to destroy man and started over with Noah and his family. Man is a pain, and will continue to be until Jesus returns. Don’t get your hopes up yet. After a 1000 years of Jesus reigning and ruling in Jerusalem where it will be perfect, there is going to be a rebellion at the end of time. That is why God said when your brother sins against you, forgive. Forgiveness is the only thing that will keep the peace in your heart and mind and the world. God says if you can’t forgive, how can God forgive you. God’s way is perfect and far above man in every way. And this is why we follow after God and not look to the past or hindsight.




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