The Ideal

What is the most ideal person, place or thing? Everybody has one. The most perfect person, place or thing they could acquire in their lifetime. I guess it all depends on what you dreamed of as a child. Child wants to be so many things. They dream of being a hero as an adult. They hope that everything will turn out all right. Children play at being a fireman, policeman or doctor to act out their dreams. This is a process of chosen a goal in life. The field narrows down as the child get older. By the time they reach college age, the choice is 1 or 2 professions. If their life has been successful, there is a real possibility of becoming that ideal person. Not everyone reaches that goal in life, but they hope they can eventually. People will work for years until they can finally do what they wanted in first place. This ideal drives people on wanting and wishing that the dream of an ideal life will come true. Some people never make it. They die before reaching that goal. Some people make that goal early in life. Not knowing how blessed they really are. I have had an ideal life. A dream that I have always wanted. I have pulled and pushed my life in so many directions just to get to the spot where I can have my ideal. I have reevaluated my ideal so many times just to be able to at least get some of it in this life. My life has turned out different than I expected. But I have attained my dream so many years ago because of one reason. That reason is God Himself. He is the only one who have brought me to that place. I am thankful that God has blessed me so. Now I will tell you my ideal or dream life. All my life I dreamed of being a teacher. It was the only thing I have ever wanted in life. And I thank God that He loves me and brought me here.


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