Acquiring your Voice

I was at a wedding reception where the couple were renewing their vows after about 40 years of marriage. Their children all had children and many of them were babies. In turn each baby was finding their voice. They would screech or yelling to listen to the sound of it. As the child heard their voice, they would listen and then call again. They were acquiring their voice. And it fascinated them to hear the sounds that came out of their mouths. So much so that they made more sounds just to hear themselves. As in life they will continue to make sounds until they hear sounds that mimic their parents. And once they find their voice, they will not stop. They become a chatterbox. As they get older their voice is use to reach other children. And in turn the other children respond to those voices. Soon a lot of children playing together become a loud noise in which they understand each other. This is communication on its most basic level, but it is understood. When children first go to school, they have to reacquire their voice to be understood by others. So it is as that child moves through life into each stage of it, reacquiring their voice so that they can be understood by others. When I arrive at college, I took a speech class to be able to communicate with the other students. I felt that no one heard my voice or understood what I was saying. Out of 12,000 students I found one person who actually heard me and understood. Come to find out that everyone was in the same predicament. They were trying to get people to understand what they were saying. They did it by doing outrageous things. And it still continues today. People want to be heard and understood. It is a normal response to everyday events. God is the one who put this in us to be able to express ourselves, not only to people but to God Himself. Express yourself to God and watch what happens. You will be surprised as He responds to you.


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