Love verses Sacrifice

Today more people talk about love than ever before. There are commercials and any kind of advertisement that proclaims love. I saw stories on national news about love. And the local newspapers spotlight the oldest married couples they can find. It is very prevalent in our society. I am afraid most people are not talking about the real love, but what they mean is sex. Several years ago I was the night manager in a big box store. I was talking to one employee about marriage, when I realized that the all the overnight workers had gather to me. I told them that having sex with a person and then leaving to go to another is a divorce. You see the marriage contract is not the ceremony or signing the paperwork. The marriage contract is the act of sex. Once a couple has participated they are married. And when they go on to someone else, they are divorced. There are consequences because of this. Most people don’t even want to hear about this. But this isn’t what I am talking about. I am talking about the commitment to another person with you heart and feelings. That bond is as strong as anything in this world. And even if the people have separated the bond is still there. It is a strange thing how our hearts never let go. They will hold on forever. But still that isn’t what I am talking about. The bond of love we have for one another can be so strong that we would be willing to do anything to protect the person. Even die for them. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that we should have eternal life. For no greater love has any man than that he would lay down his life for another. So the true test of love is if we are willing to sacrifice for another. So sacrifice is the sign of true love.

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