No Man is an Island

We are social beings. We were made to be with other people. Our lives work together and intertwine with other social beings. Then why do we feel alone? Why is it we have that awareness of being separated from everyone else? It is the most uncomfortable and unnerving feeling to have. Although it isn’t a spatial thing because there are so many people on this earth. You can’t go anywhere without bumping into someone. Or my favorite, to find trash on the ground in the most remote location you have ever been. People inhabit this earth. But what I am talking about is been in the middle of a party and feeling alone. There is a real reason why we have that feeling. If we didn’t have that feeling, we would never know that we a truly separated from our creator, God Himself, and need to join with Him. It is funny how that feeling crops up every now and again. Our need to be social or interact is a driving force in our lives. We need to have relationships to grow and function in this world. Loneliness can drive a person insane. So what do you do about this? I began to attend a new church years ago and no one payed any attention to me at all. It was distressing. The bible says if you want friends show yourself friendly. So what I did was to arrive early at the church and introduce myself to as many people as I could before church started. Soon people were greeting me everywhere. It was amazing. God’s word works and we don’t have to alone and separated. Because you see no man is an island.

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