Life after Death

I was in my doctor’s office this morning and we were talking about a dream she had years ago. She was in college and separated from her family. She was lonely and miss them. One night while she was sleeping she received a phone in the middle of the night. She was so tired and sleepy that when she answered the call it was hazy. When she woke the next morning she remembered that the call was from her grandmother who encouraged her. She checked her phone and had received a call during the night. The only problem was that her grandmother had been dead for several years. She mentioned it to me because she said that she was afraid of death. Most people are afraid. The reason is that they don’t know where they are going after death. My younger brother died of cancer about a 2 years ago. He wasn’t afraid because he knew where he was going. How he knew is because he knew Jesus. The bible says that man is held in bondage all of his life because of the fear of death. The bible also says for whom God set free is free indeed. Jesus descended into hell and took the keys of death and hell away from the devil. So that we could know where we are going which is the kingdom of heaven. You see God rules in heaven. Before my brother died, he asked me if there is much pain in death. I told him the pain is on this side of the world. When he died he closed eyes and woke up on the other side in heaven. So the answer to the question is there life after death is yes. For those going to heaven it will be blessed. And for those who didn’t choose God, there is only one place left. And that place is hell.

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