A New Day

It’s a new day and my cat is just as hungry as ever. She greets me at the same time every morning. She had to adjust her time for day light savings time. Because I wasn’t getting up an hour earlier to feed her. But life is going on. It is time to write my blog and get ready for work. It seems like a regular Monday. But it isn’t. I am a day older and the circumstances are different today. My job hasn’t changed but it still will be different today. I sometimes wish life hadn’t gone by so fast. My wife and I went to a family reunion yesterday. It is something that I have been going to since I was born. Each year new faces appear and slowly but surely the old faces disappear. But it was a beautiful day and the fellowship and the food were good. My 3rd son is preparing a garden in his yard this year. I already have plans for the fruits and vegetables. I started canning food. My parents and grandparents use to do this when I was little. I can still remember when my mom and her 2 sisters, my grandmother and her sister came to the house with a large sack of okra. They use to put band aids on their fingers because the okra had spins. They cooked or I should say smothered the okra and divided it amongst themselves. The okra was very tasty. So God gives us each day to live our lives for good or bad. He wants us to live a good life but it is not always the case. Our free will chooses the path we will take each day. Make no mistake we choose which way we go. There is a scripture that I have quoted for many years about each day. It says, this is the day the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it. I will rejoice and be glad in each day because it is a gift to me from God Himself.




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