Time waits for No One

Our lives consists of so much time. When it is used up, it is over. There is no more time for us. We can’t reload time in our lives. We are responsible for the time we are given. We have to use it wisely. It is too bad that we can’t make people use their time correctly. And God won’t make you obey with a big stick. We have free will and can choose what we will. That is why when we stand before God there is no excuse we can come up with that will justify our lives. And make no mistake we will stand before God in judgement. But God gives us opportunity after opportunity to do the right thing. If God is anything, He is the God of second chances and third and fourth and fifth and so on. But time waits for no one on this earth. For that matter neither does it in heaven. When God set time in motion, He did it for man to tell the time and seasons. He divided day from night and season from season. He gave us feast days to celebrate the time of year. God set the stars and planets in motion on schedule having each one moving in time. We went to a reunion and my wife became lonesome for my parents because they are no longer alive. I told her that is what the reunion is about, to remember those that have gone on and greet the new people that have arrived. In other words to mark time in our lives. Time is so important to us because it is a gift from God to help us decide what to do in our lives. It would be a great shame to waste the precious time you were given. Because as we all know time waits for no one.



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