The Sun also rises

It was raining. The thunder and lightning woke me up. But some people become afraid of this. But I find it very soothing. Because I know that by this act of God that He is still in control. It has a very calming effect upon me. It is like listening to ocean roll into the shore or ducks flying into a lake.  There are many things that God does to bring peace to this earth. And if you don’t listen or look for them you will miss them altogether. Peace is important in our lives. It is how we can deal with everyday life. And with the lack of peace can bring turmoil. Everybody wants to find that place of peace or the lack of noise. I enjoy the delivery service because most of the day it is absolutely quiet in the truck. I enjoy talking to people but silence is golden. Each person strives to find that place of peace. For some it is in the middle of chaos with people all around. But when we find that place it seems to us a perfect place. So look for your place today. See if you can find the peace that God has promised to all of us. As the bible says, God makes the sun to rise on the good and the evil and He sends the rain on the just and the unjust.


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