A Life of Prayer

I watched a young squirrel make its way across my fence, up a tree and across a neighbor’s roof. And I realized that squirrel spends his life in prayer. “And creation groaneth for the revelation of the children of God.” Rom.8:19-22. And if that squirrel can pray its whole life through, where do we fall in place? Prayer is talking to God. That squirrel lives in the presence of God. He’s not afraid to approach God. In fact, that is the place where he wants to live, in the safety and security of the arms of God. God has wanted man to do the same thing, since Adam. God gave man a free will, so he can choose God freely. This honors God. Our Father is pleased and joyful when man chooses Him and not the world. Talking about God’s creation, He talks about sparrows, that not one of them fall to the ground without Him knowing and caring. Then He says that man is worth far more than a sparrow (Matt.10:29). Living the life God has called us to is a life of prayer.



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