To Bring All Things to Remembrance

I can look at a face and remember it from 20 years ago. But you tell me a name from last week and I can’t place it. It is funny how that works. My memory is selective. What ever caused me pain, I tend not to remember. Then again, I remember things that were extremely painful. My parents bought a set of World Book Encyclopedia. I was in high school. I read the entire set of books. It took almost 2 years, but it helped me in college. And yet I can remember things that happen to me years ago and have trouble with last week. I had dyslexia when I was young. With the help of my mother, a special education teacher, I was able to read on a college level. I like to read. History is my hobby. You wouldn’t believe some of the stories of my family, from pirates to preachers. When I came to the Lord Jesus, I had never read the bible. I began to read the New Testament, only stopping when God would teach me something. I have read the New Testament, twice, and the Old Testament, once, in 40 years. The Holy Spirit was teaching me all along the way. It took time to learn what God wanted me to learn. Now the Holy Spirit reminds me of a scripture in time of need. This is how I write my blogs. God shows me what He wants me to think about. And the Holy Spirit begins to write the blog in my heart. I am not that good of a wordsmith. I am sure you have notice misspelled words and incorrect grammar. The Ideas and understanding of God’s ways are all the Holy Spirit. You see He brings all things to remembrance (John 14:26).


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