The Lack of Predictability

In the past few months there has been a series of storms throughout the nation. They have been consistent and unpredictable. Although the weatherman has his computer program models that he can try to predict the weather, it doesn’t always work. I don’t know what percentage of predictions he gets right but it isn’t that good. I will always look at the weather radar to see what is really going on. The same is true about life itself. There are many things that happen all over the place but you can never predict what will happen to people. Everybody wants life to go on with some degree of predictability. They want their lives to have some consistency. So they can live their lives are normally as possible. But it don’t work that way. The people that can adjust to life can live a fairly normal life. But for the most part people don’t adjust to the changes thrown at them each day. If only we had a way of knowing what was going to happen that day, we could adjust our lives to fit it. And things wouldn’t be as uncertain as we walk through life. I know that I have said it before, change is the only constant in life. Nothing will ever stay the same. It is always evolving. That is why many people believe there is no God or at least try to prove the He doesn’t exist. That one thing that can stabilize your life most people reject. I was like that before I met the Lord. It was up and down depending on the way the wind blew. God offers so much to us that we actually need to live this life. And all we have to do is to accept His offer and live. God will never threaten you or bully you. He offers a live worth living. As oppose to the horrible life of obsession, oppression and addiction the other side offers. Choose God and live. You know you only have so much time to accept this offer. Then it is gone forever. Choose God.


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