A Tale about King David

David was the youngest son of 8 children. His father Jesse was a successful man who lived with his family in the town of Bethlehem. Before anybody knew that David was destined to be king of Israel, David was an upright child. He obeyed his father and did what he told. When he old enough, David’s father sent him into the wilderness to shepherd the flock of sheep. David used his time well. He could play the harp and sing very well. He would entertain himself with his music. The bible says that he was a handsome youth. He mostly played his music to sing praises to God. He and the sheep would worship God in the wilderness. David developed a relationship with God. And also built a relationship with the sheep. You see sheep will only follow their shepherd because they know his voice. David had to build other skills because he had to bring the sheep into the wilderness to feed. Also living in the wilderness, with lions and bears.  David had weapons, a shepherd’s crook, a sling or slingshot, and a throwing club. The shepherd’s crook was a staff with a hook on the end. It was used to reach into briars to pull sheep out of it. The sling was used to shoot a stone at some distance. The club was used to throw to stop or kill a predator. David loved being out in the wilderness. He developed skills that he would use all of his life. While in the wilderness, a bear and a lion came and took sheep. He killed both with the weapons he learned to use. But what he learned the most was that God was with him coming in and going out. And he sang praises to God all of his life.




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