The Shedding of Innocent Blood

David was a warrior. He led his people into many battles. He knew how to fight and win wars. And he did kill many of his adversaries. All of this was different from murder. David had almost shed innocent blood when he went after Nabal and his family. If it wasn’t for the grace of God and Abagail he would have gone through with it. David was now king over all Israel. God had given him peace in the kingdom. He had 7 wives and many children. His throne was established in Jerusalem. There wasn’t anything David had to worry about. It was springtime and David sent the army to fight without him. He stayed in Jerusalem. One fine day David went to the roof of his palace to cool off. While he was there, he saw a young woman taking a bath on another roof top. He was so struck by her beauty that he sent for her and brought her into the palace. And he slept with her. She became pregnant. The problem was that her husband, Uriah, was one of David’s generals. And he was on the battlefield. David called him back and told him to go home to his wife. David was hoping that Uriah would sleep with his wife. Uriah was an honorable man and wouldn’t enjoy pleasures with the army was in the field. David sent him back to the battle. He told his commanding general to put Uriah in the front of the heaviest battle and withdraw from him. Uriah died in battle. Then David took his wife and married her. God sent David’s son Nathanial, a prophet, to confront him. God said you will die because of all of this. David repented of his sin and God forgave him. But God said the sword will never leave your hand. You will fight wars until you die. And the members of your own household will rise up against you. His firstborn and most beloved son rose up and tried to replace him as king. David sacrificed everything for pleasure and it cost him everything he held dear. David loved God with his whole heart and did so all of his life. But he had shed innocent blood.


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