David in Hebron

When David became king over Judah, he lived in Hebron. He was the king of Judah for 7 years. Sometimes the stories you hear about great leaders are idealized. David was a fine man with a good heart, but he had to deal with all kinds of people. Not all people are honest or reputable. The Judeans who had served with David in battle, knew that he was a strong and fearless leader. He believed in God and trust Him to guide him as king. As a leader, he didn’t kill anyone without cause. David didn’t shed innocent blood at this time. There came a time when he did and it cost him almost everything. He was trusted and David didn’t break that trust. There wasn’t any enemy that could stand before him. The other nations feared and respected him. He didn’t have a giant army. What he had was the wisdom of God to guide him to victory. In the meantime, there ruled a son of Saul in Jerusalem. He was a fool and he surrounded himself with fools. His rule was so bad that finally the people rose up against him and killed him. The two men who killed Ishbosheth, brought his head to David thinking that they would receive a reward. David put both men to death for killing God’s anointed. The people of Israel finally came to David to ask if he would be king over them. After 7 years as king in Judah, David finally became king over all Israel. He was 37 years old. It was 22 years after Samuel had anointed David to be king. David moved his capital to Jerusalem, where David ruled until he was 80 years old. God’s timing is always perfect. He will bring to pass all that He said to us in His time.



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