David’s Last Days

David had sin against God by killing Uriah and taking his wife. All that God told him that would happen to him, did. David’s firstborn and his most beloved son, chased him out of Jerusalem. Absalom was killed in battle with David’s forces. David returned to Jerusalem but troubles still followed. Finally as David was getting old, he had to choose a new king. He chose the most unlikely one. He chose Solomon. Solomon was the David’s son by the wife of Uriah. David knew that Solomon loved the Lord and would follow God wherever He led him. David had Solomon anointed in the temple and proclaimed king. David had gathered materials to build a great temple to the Lord in Jerusalem. But God wouldn’t let David build it because he had shed innocent blood. His son Solomon was going to finish building the temple. The temple was constructed in Jerusalem next to the palace. It was one of the wonders of the ancient world. It was built with much gold and silver. Finally the day came to consecrate the temple. Solomon had prayed a prayer that God would fill the temple with His presence. God filled the temple like a cloud and everyone ran out of the temple. Solomon asked God for wisdom. God gave him more than any man has or ever will have. Beside that God gave him the wealth of the world. Solomon stored the gold inside the walls of Jerusalem and dumped all the silver on the ground outside the walls.  Solomon’s kingdom was so great that he was the only man in the history of the world to rule the world.




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