Stories in the Bible

We all learned by example. What someone else has done, we can figure it out also. That is why God put stories in the bible. So we can learn of Him. David was an ordinary man. His life wasn’t ordinary, but quite extraordinary. He didn’t have super human strength. He didn’t have x-ray vision or the ability to fly. David lived a life of ups and downs. He was given a lot of responsibility. He went from the flock of sheep to a flock of humans. All along the way, God taught him how to live and what to do. God showed him how he could accomplish God’s will on this earth. David first had to have his heart right before God. And he had to stay that way. It is said of David that he had a heart for God. It is said over and over again. God promised him that from his children would come the Messiah. So David was not afraid of anything. What person in their right mind would run to fight a giant, 9 ft. tall, with just a slingshot and a stone? Why did he chase down the lion and the bear to kill it? Why would David run into the heaviest part of the battle and fight his way out? Why did David just believe God at his word? God showed David how he could do mighty things with just the sheep. He learned the techniques and put them into practice. Then the Lion came and the bear came. David trusted and believed God. He had faith and it built up until nothing could stop him. David is no different than we are. What he experienced we can. It all starts with trusting and believing God. And that is why God puts stories in the bible.



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