Homesick 2.0

Have you ever felt like you know that you are supposed to do something? You aren’t quite certain what it is. You are willing and waiting to find out what it is. The bible says that all creation groans for the revelation of Jesus Christ. I want this event to happen, but it’s not on my timetable. I was talking to someone yesterday about God’s timetable. I told them that I have had a prayer answered in a blink of an eye and the longest time was 22 years. Yesterday God answered a prayer that took a year. It is all in God’s timing. For years I kept hearing my name being called from a distance. For a long time I didn’t know who it was. When I finally realized that it was God calling. He was calling to me from eternity to come home. I feel that same calling again. But this it is both ways. He is calling me and I am calling Him. You don’t know how much I want to go home. Paul said he was caught between the two. He wanted to go home, but he had to stay to finish his work on this earth. I am as homesick as I have ever been. But God’s work on this earth is needful and is necessary. Like creation, I groan for the revelation of Jesus Christ.


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