What will You Leave Behind?

We spend our entire life trying to cheat death. But in the end it always wins. All of the things we do seem so pointless. Whether you eat right or exercise or take something to lengthen your life, it seems to come to no avail. What is the next magic bullet that someone comes up with to live forever? People go from one thing to the take to accomplish immortality. It is a sad state of affair when people can’t or won’t see what really is in front of them. What is really there is eternity. It is a scary thing when you don’t know what to expect on the other side. The bible says that we are held in bondage all of our lives through the fear of death. Fear is a tormenting spirit. It can drive you crazy and make you do strange things. I was afraid of so many things until I came to know God. Even then God had to work out of me the fear I had developed over my lifetime. What happened then was I became angry at the devil for deceiving me all those years. I hated the idea that I was led by the nose into all kinds of trouble. But what God did was to show me how I could change and become whole again. I knew then that I was going to die, but not today. God gave me opportunity to live my life the way I am supposed too. So I could live my life to the fullest each and every day. God showed me that all the great men and women of God were just ordinary people. Each one of them made a choice to serve God each day of their lives. And what happened was that they lived their lives to the fullest because of God. So their lives became extraordinary. What they left behind wasn’t money or land or property, it was a legacy of a life fill with God, peaceful and righteous. They left it for everyone to see. What will you leave behind?




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