My Defence is

I used to defend myself with a wicked tongue. I could slice a people in two with my tongue. Most people wouldn’t recognize me before I met God and wouldn’t want to be around me. I had a bitter and angry heart that would spill out of my mouth. It was almost as if I was crazy. I know I hurt many people that I didn’t want to. But I couldn’t stop it. I felt that I had to defend myself. I thought that most people were out to hurt me. I wasn’t alone either. I have run across people who were just like me. If it had not been for God’s grace, I don’t think I would be alive today. It was a death spiral. All I ever wanted was someone to accept me for me, warts and all. I was introduced to a man who accepted me. He made no pretense that I had to change before being accepted. I recognized Him almost immediately. Of course, this man is Jesus. He had known me from birth. He also had been talking to me all along. His love for me became apparent. That is what drew me to Him. Once, I had accepted Him, all the hurt, bitterness and angry seem to fall away. As I walked with Him, peace gripped my heart, where hurt was before. The funny part about it all was that I didn’t have to defended myself anymore. I didn’t have to worry about what the world had to say about me. It didn’t make any difference. There is the real reason why, because, My defence is of God, which saveth the upright in heart. And all you have to do is to turn around, face God and ask Him to forgive you.


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