Recognition Skills

When I was in college, I joined the US Air Force ROTC. The first 2 years are like basic training that everyone receives in the military. Then in your Junior and Senior years, you go to Officer Candidate School. Before you can move on to OCS, you have to pass the written exam. It is a standard military test. But in the Air Force you have to be able to recognize planes in the air. The test showed planes at different angles. You were to tell whether or not they were coming or going. This part of the test I failed because of my depth perception and I had some night blindness. This eliminated me from the Officer corps. I later on enlisted in the Air Force and serve 6 years. My friend went on to become a jet pilot. He served in Vietnam and was a decorated veteran. I still have problems with depth perception. What is funny is that I wear glasses. I am farsighted. I can see for miles down the road, but can’t read a book at 2 feet. When I am driving I can spot a police car before their radar sees me. My sons were always amazed at that. I can read signs that are over 1 mile away. It is funny how my eyes work. Yet for years I couldn’t see the signs of the time that were in front of my face. All I could see was the pain in my heart. It clouded my life to the point that it blocked out the world. But more importantly it blocked out God’s attempt to rescue me from myself. God never stopped trying to reach me. Until finally He got through to me. It took almost 30 years to do so. But I am thankful that God never stopped trying. I know that if I had not responded to God, I would be dead today. Take a step back and look at what is around you. And you will be surprised at what you see. Because God has already been there. Stop and recognize your redeemer for who He is.


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