Every Thing Changed Today

I woke up today and found that everything has changed in the world. The mass shootings in Orlando, Florida had occurred while I slept. Over 100 people had been shot. 50 are dead and they say the 54 in the hospital are in critical condition. They are expecting more to die. Between 1935 and 1945, Nazi Germany killed over 50 million people and over 80 million Germans died. The whole world became incised and fought a world war. Today if this story last a week in the news, it will be surprising. What has happened? Why don’t people rise up against this? How many disasters has this country gone through since 2000? There are natural and man-made disasters. And they are growing in intensity. Right after Hurricane Katrina, a few brave pastors began to say it was the hand of God. Almost the entire religious community came against them, saying that this wasn’t true. I will tell you a truth. It was the hand of God in all the disasters. And you wonder why they are happening? I don’t wonder I know why they are happening. Right after 9/11, the churches in this country were filled looking for an answer. It lasted for about 3 months until the US Government became their savior. Everyone thought that their problems could be solved with guns and bullets. That is what the terrorists believe. In the past 10 years, people have been leaving the church because they didn’t find the answer to their questions. If anybody should have the answer, it is the church of Jesus Christ, the people of God. Why isn’t it so? It is time for the people of God to repent of their sins and ask God to renew and restore them. Because this is the only answer that has lasting results.




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