My Journey from Here to There

How far back can you remember? Can you remember when you were 5 years old? I can remember kindergarten. I was 4 years old. I can still see my teachers in the first few grades. My journey actually begin the day I was born. I can’t remember anything that far back, but it started then. As I grew older, I have a picture of wanting to be a fireman or police. I followed my older brother and cousins into football. But after getting run over several times, football wasn’t for me. I was too small for sports, so I worked at odd jobs. When I reached high school, I had a paper route. I kept it for all through high school. I had a beautiful singing voice and used it all through school. As I turned 13 years old, my voice went from soprano to baritone. But it still does work. I catch myself singing songs out loud. People look but I don’t care. A young friend just graduated from high school. I told her about my graduation. After the principle handed out the diplomas. We began walking down off the platform. I had a frown on my face. My mother tried to get me to smile. But it had hit me that my life was changing. It would no longer be the same. And that journey frightened me. I wanted to go to college. I thought I was all grown up. I stayed busy in college. If fact too busy. I made mistakes and it cost me plenty. But I was on that journey and I was going to finish it. This is where the part of my journey cost me plenty turned into pain and bitterness. In all of my journey there was and still is an unseen hand directing my life. Have you ever had your name called at a great distance? You can hear your name but not know where it is coming from. I am glad God kept calling my name until I answered the call.


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