A Glitch – Part 4

The 1980’s was a time of study. People were learning who they were in Christ and about who God really is. Many things happened in the world. The hostages were taken in Tehran, Iran. They were held for a year. When Ronald Reagan was elected president, he put a grip hold on the government of Iran. They released the hostages. There was a renewal in America. People were believing that America could great again. Several major events happened in America. After the hostages were released, President Reagan was shot after 70 days in office. Thank God he wasn’t killed. He recovered. In 1983 an event occur that change the world. The US Congress passed HR 535, the Year of the Bible. And the president signed it into law. For the 1st time in 2000 years, a nation honored God. What happened next was amazing. The GNP rose to a rate higher than in the past 20 years, including the Vietnam War years. Churches were filled to capacity. God was honored and we received the benefits for it. We became a wealthy nation again. Then a scandal broke out in Washington, Iran/Contra. This was about the government secret plans to fund the Contra Indians in Guatemala to fight Sandinista Junta government in Nicaragua. It was a CIA operation to sell captured arms to fund the Contras. The glitch began to come in for money and power. That recurring error showed its ugly head again. Many people weren’t affected, but church attendance suffered. What happen next was the Gulf War and a new president. But God was beginning to mobilize his army throughout the world. I continue the story tomorrow.




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