A Glitch – Part 5

Saddam Hussein had overrun Kuwait. And he was threaten Saudi Arabia. America had to get involved in the conflict. President Bush formed a coalition of nations, both monetarily and militarily. It took two years but the Iraqi army was defeated. The 1990s became the decade of outreach. This new church had grown up. It was now time to put your money where your mouth is. Missionaries from every denomination was sent to every country in the world. The feeding programs were massive. The outreach was so great that African countries were sending missionaries to America. The work of God was endless. The glitch was growing. The fervor of the 1980’s was beginning to wane. People were getting dissatisfied with denominations. Independent churches began to rise up and met the need of the people. And these independent churches were Pentecostal with the Holy Ghost. But violence in this country was growing experientially. All because of no respect for life. This all came about because of the Roe vs. Wade decision of the US Supreme Court in 1973 which allow abortions. As it was in the 1st century, Christianity came under attack. Christians were being attacked by demonic agendas. People began to wonder away from the Church. Until something horrible happened. The century had turn and a new president was elected. In his first term as a peace time president, he became a war time president. 9/11 happened. I’ll finish the story tomorrow.




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