Asleep in the Light

It is the title of a song written by Keith Green 40 years ago. He saw something that was going to happen to the Church. It is funny that I just wrote a series of blogs about this very subject. The series was called the Glitch. I was watching Trinity Broadcasting Network. The host was interviewing a retired pastor in London and he was talking about the same thing. He was using the parable of the 10 virgins. Some friends of mine from Peru wrote and performed a song about the same subject. It was called in English, where is your 1st love? They wrote that song almost 20 years ago. What I am saying is that if you don’t know Jesus and Him crucified, you will not recognize Him when He returns. When Jesus returns He will gather the Church to Himself. It also says that when He returns people will hide themselves from Him. Because they will recognize the sin in their lives. What can you do about this? God has always been there waiting for you. God wants everyone to make it into heaven. That is why the gospel has been preached for 6000 years. It is so man can understand that he is separated from God and can come to Him. God isn’t willing the any person should be lost. God loves every human being on this earth. And the Church has gone to sleep in the middle of everything. This time in history Jesus talked about it. He called it the beginning of sorrows. There is nothing sadder than a person realizing that they are forever separated from God. Where there is no hope of ever coming out it. God isn’t willing that any should perish and has provided the way back to Him. His name is Jesus.


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