A Glitch – Part 6

When 9/11 happened, people became afraid of the unknown. The US began circling the wagons. And people went back to church to find answers. It filled the churches for about 3 months. The US took the fight to the enemy. The Glitch was coming in stronger. People began to see the US as their savior. The churches began to empty as fast as they were filled.  What is unfortunate is that 9/11 was just the opening volley. There has been a major disaster every year in the world since 9/11. If it isn’t a flood, it’s a fire. If it wasn’t a fire, it was tornados. Or it was hurricanes. Or it was a volcano or a Japanese nuclear plant exploding. After hurricane Katrina, I heard a few preachers saying that it was the hand of God. And I heard the religious community saying that it wasn’t God. You see those few preachers knew the truth. The others were just deceived. Let alone there were man-made disasters. I am speaking of our past national government. I have never seen any administration try to pull down this government as fast as these people. And the shame of it is that God put them into place because of us, because nobody is listening to God. It isn’t over yet. What is God going to have to do to get your attention? How would you like to become refugees like the Syrians? Did you know that the number 6 is the number of man? We have discussed the Glitch – the recurring error. The 1st one was the love of money is the root of all evil. The 2nd was replacing God with man. The 3rd was refusing to listen to God when He is speaking to us. Despite what you think the only answer to any problem that man has is God Himself. This is the reason we were made to fellowship with God Himself.



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