The View from the Cheap seats – part 2

I learned how to work from my mom and dad. When my dad graduated from high school, he went to work for Western Electric (AT&T) as a lineman. He was making so much money, he was able to buy a new car. He also bought silk suits from the best men’s shop in his town. He did well. Then WWII came along. He met mom before the war, but they decided to wait until he returned from the war. Just in case. When he returned, AT&T gave him his old job back. They wanted him to go to Bermuda. They were setting up their phone system. Mom wanted to go. But dad had traveled the world fighting for freedom. All he wanted to do was stay home. Mom agreed with dad. He went to work for the post office. Then 4 sons came along. Dad worked from sunrise until almost sunset. Mom was a school teacher. They were able to send us to the best high school and to college. Once we, the sons, were finished with school and married, they both retired. Then they bought a motorhome and traveled across the US and Canada. Both of my parents are gone, but I still hear them. They weren’t perfect, but gave their lives to my brothers and I. Their actions taught me how to raise my 4 sons. And how to give my life for them. The view from the cheap seats is where you can see most everything but not always clearly. To Be Continued.


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