The View from the Cheap seats – part 3

Sometimes I wish I could go back to the time when I was young. I miss that precious time. Only one of my sons is married and I have a grandson. All I want to do now is to play with him. These days I am still working 12 hours daily. My 4 sons are working just about the same. They building their lives. When each one of my sons became a teenager, they all thought that I had become senile. And thought that I didn’t know or understand anything. As each became a man, they begin to understand that I wasn’t dumb after all. Now when they have a problem, they will come to talk to me about it. You know what is funny, I did the same thing with my dad. My dad and I became close as father and son and as friends when I became an adult. I miss him and he has been gone for 35 years. My youngest son, who was in the military, cuts his hair military fashion. It is called a high and tight haircut. He convinced me to cut my hair the same way. When he finished and I put on my glasses and looked in the mirror, I saw my dad. I began researching my family history. I wanted to see who they were. I can now blame my ancestors for my bald head. I also can blame them for the set of 4 children in each generation. My family means to world to me. The view from the cheap seats is where you can see most everything but not always clearly. The End.



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