Extra Ordinary

When we start out in life, we look for our purpose in life. We want to know why we are here and if there is a plan for our lives. As a child, we want to be firemen, policemen, soldiers, fathers or mothers. We look to see people with honor and courage. We have heroes that are spectacular. As we grow up, we find that these people are ordinary. Then, we are disappointed. We wanted to them to be super heroes. There is a need in us to be super heroes or at lest extra ordinary. That need is real and is put in us by God. We want to live our lives with honor and courage. Because in this jaded world, it is extra ordinary. There is a life that is real and extra ordinary. It is called a life of prayer. It is living your life next to God and doing what He has called you to. It all start with confessing your sins to God. Then to let Him transforming you into the His image. Then living your life next to God. I was reading Psalms 23. It is King David talking about to walk in the presence of God, no matter what comes. Living this life isn’t always easy, but it is simple. When you do, your life will be extra ordinary with honor and courage. It is the life your saw as a child and believed it was true. Because it is a life that is extra ordinary.


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