Weather We like it or not #2

So what was made so simple that man could understand? Why is the US experiencing horrendous weather? The majority of scientist will say it is Global Warming. That is only a symptom. It isn’t a root cause for the troubles in this country. Global Warming was written about 4000 years ago by a reputable authority. So finally the scientist have caught on. But that isn’t the reason. Man has fought against the reason for all of their existence. And it seems there is no letup in sight. There is only one outcome for this coming battle. Man will lose and die. If you would like to read about, there is a commentary written over 2000 years ago. It is very graphic and full of details. The battle is called Armageddon. It will be fought in the Valley of Jezreel near the old city of Megiddo. It says that 200 million men on one side will fight in the battle. And they will all be killed. It also says in the commentary that the blood from the soldiers will be 6 feet deep. The Victor will go on to Jerusalem. This is where He will reign for a 1000 years. When He begins His reign, there will be peace on this earth for the 1st time. You know what is sad is that man has known this for over 2000 years. And just about nothing has changed.


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