Hurricane Season

In 2016, Louisiana experienced its first non-hurricane hurricane. Normally a hurricane will blow through with Gail-force winds and plenty of rain. Well that week has seen the most unusual storm. People are calling it the storm of the century. A hurricane formed right on top of Louisiana. It stayed for a week. It was being feed by waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Normally Louisiana gets about 6 inches of rain in August. So far it was 60 inches of rain. 21 inches of rain fell in Baton Rouge and Lafayette in 2 days. My home didn’t get flooded out during the rain. But after the rain stopped and the water began flowing to the Gulf, it started backing up. I was staying with my son in another city. It had been a week that I was out of my house. And hopefully if the water recedes, I had lined up a small army of people to begin cleaning up. I was all excited about what I was going to find. My walls were sheet rock. All of the carpet in the house was going to be torn up and thrown away. It takes a life time to collect things and only a week to destroy them. You stop and wonder why it happens to me. As a Christian, I always expected the God would protect me against tragedy. And for the most part he has done that. You look at the church in the first century. They were persecuted and killed, run out of towns or stoned to death. Yet during that time, the church was the strongest it has ever been. Don’t think for one moment that people aren’t looking at you. After all those times you professed Jesus during the good times, people want to see if it is true in your life. And the best place to see God in your life is during adversity.


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