For Myself

I have written over 850 blogs on every subject about God from A to Z. I still haven’t even scratched the surface. The knowledge of God is given to those who seek Him. When I began to seek God, I learned who He is. I wanted to know not from what people said, but for myself. Everybody has a story and tells it their way. So I began to study and read not only the bible, but literature from all kinds of sources. The trick is to let God tell you what is real and what isn’t. Jesus said that He would send the Holy Spirit to be our teacher. So when I would listen to preachers, I would listen to what God said about what they were preaching. God said that you would learn a little bit at time. He said here a little there a little. I don’t think I could have been able to understand the mysteries of God all at once. So this is what I have tried to do. My blogs aren’t heavy theological discussions. But on the other hand, those that know the truth can see God’s hand. And for those who don’t know the truth, it is to get you to ask questions. When you ask questions, answers will come for you to learn the truth. What is truth? There is only one truth and that is Jesus Christ and Him crucified. You see the whole bible is nothing but a picture of Jesus Himself. So I still study to learn about God. And I do this for myself and my Father, God.


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