A teacher in high school use to tease us and say that we had myopia. That is nearsightedness. He said he would look at some of the girls we dated and tell us to have our eyes checked. Our eyes are so important to us. I have always been a people watcher. If you want to laugh hard just watch a crowd of people doing normal things. I don’t laugh in their faces. That would be rude. Watch parents with children and see how they react. I saw a mom come into a store with three 10 year old girls. That was when the wooden flip flops were popular. They would clop their shoes together. It made such a racket, that the mom kept fussing and trying to get them to stop. But you will find out what people are like under duress. We process so much information through our eyes. That is why it is so important to guard what you see. Because that information goes into your heart. And from that information comes our understanding and judgement. We judge things according to what we know. And we know by what we see. But that doesn’t mean that it is correct. To accurately judge anything you have to hold it up against a standard. The standard doesn’t come from our own mind or heart. There is only one standard that can keep us from destroying each other. It has been in place since the beginning of time. It is the Word of God. All the laws of man are based upon it. Use your eyes and look for yourself to see what the Word of God says. Then you will see clearly.


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