A Small Part

Having a small or minor part in anything doesn’t mean that you aren’t important. In the bible there was a man who was a servant of the king of Israel. Actually his job was plowing the fields. If God hadn’t chosen him to do a work, no one would have ever heard of his name. His name is Obadiah. He was a friend of Job and an Edomite. He moved to Israel when he converted to Judaism. He wasn’t a very educated man but he loved the Lord. Obadiah was in the fields plowing when God call him to do this work. God gave him a vision of his old home, Edom. If you don’t know where Edom was, the capital city was Petra. It was a kingdom built by Esau, Jacob’s brother. They built their kingdom in the middle of a mountain range. For 900 years they were quite successful. But somewhere in there they turned against Israel. Where the Assyrians captured Jerusalem, the Edomite’s helped. God brought retribution upon them. People who they thought were friends turn on them from within. They were slaughtered to a man. No Edomite was left. Obadiah was given this vision which came to pass. He served God as a prophet the rest of his life. This unimportant man became important in God’s economy. No one has a small part in the kingdom of God. In God’s eyes each person is important to Him and His kingdom.



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