Paradigm Shift

If you live long enough you will see a changing of moral certainty. Young people are always pushing the boundaries to see what is there. As they grow up they see that their parents aren’t as dumb as the once thought. When men and women came back from WWII, they wanted some normalcy in their lives. After the horrors of war, they wanted things to be simple and standardized. When the baby boomers came along, they wanted different things. Their music changed and the older generation couldn’t stand it. Then Vietnam came along. The young people pushed the boundaries right over the cliff. Then came drugs and free sex. Then young men and women came back from one of the most vicious wars America has ever fought. It was no holds bar. The young people pushed even more with no regard for life. In 1973, the Roe VS Wade decision of the US Supreme Court allow the killing of unborn babies. With no respect for life, the murder rate rose in this country until it is a national epidemic. There is a whole generation of American people who aren’t there. The world started coming to America because there was spaced for them to live in this country. The next generation of young people raised on computers, video games and cell phones, don’t see any moral certainty in this country. So who is supposed to provide this moral certainty? Is it the politicians in Washington or the cult in Hollywood or the media who couldn’t tell the truth if they had too? Where do people turn to hear the truth about this world? If Christians don’t stand up and speak out, we will lose what little we have in this world. Not preaching in the churches, but going out into the world. Where the people are living and dying.


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