I like to believe that I am an even-keeled man. I started my life as a happy go lucky kind of guy. I would rarely ever get angry at most anything. I remember an incident in high school. This classmate started an argument with me but I wasn’t going to get upset. He did it to show off to the rest of the class. He wouldn’t stop and kept on going. He started pushing me. I turned to him and without a word and pinned him by his neck against the wall. Then to my surprise I lifted him on the ground by his neck. He shut his mouth and stopped as I let him down. I still wasn’t angry with him but I scared him and the class. No one tried to get me angry after that. As in life circumstances change on a regular basis and you either go with the flow or fight against it. If you fight against it, be prepared to fight. Because things will happen to you like hurt feelings or anger. As I fought against circumstances, my anger grew. Until I was just the most disagreeable and cantankerous person you would ever meet.  This is where I met God. He came into my life and changed me forever. The first thing He did is to remove the anger from my heart. It felt so good not to be angry all the time. Everything changed. I saw the world and people differently. I could actually see people for they really are which is lost and hurt. As the bible says in Matthew 11:6 “And blessed is he, whosoever shall not be offended in me.” (KJV).



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