Hidden Dangers

I was speaking to the person I bought the product to kill the mold and bacteria in my house. As you know south Louisiana had a non-hurricane hurricane. It formed right over south Louisiana and dropped about 40 to 50 inches of rain. My house flooded out when the rivers started backing up because there was so much water. It took a week to get back into the house. We cleaned it and stripped the walls to 4 ft. We pulled all the insulation out too. This friend was telling me that we had to fog our house. And we need to spray up into the walls that are left because of mold. We also have to spray the attic and inside the A/C ducts and return. Mold is insidious. It hides in places you wouldn’t even think. Mold is much like the evil in this present world. You think you have it under control and it pops its ugly head up. We have a certain amount of power in our lives. We can do things or create things with much skill. But to change things that have gone wrong, we don’t have the power. When it is our fault, we will ask for forgiveness from the person. Hoping they will accept it and go on. But it doesn’t always work that way. Wars are started this way. The only way I could forgive people was to be forgiven by God first. Then everything else was easy. When you know that God has accepted you into the kingdom, everything else is simple but not always easy. There are hidden dangers lurking about seeking someone to destroy.




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