People are taught through life experiences to put forth a positive front. Although people always are in need in their life, they don’t tell just anyone what is really going on. I found that most people don’t want to hear what’s wrong with you. Because most of the time it is what is wrong with them. And it only reminds them that they need help. So people smile and say everything is fine. And the person goes on with their life while distress creeps in to take hold. And I will tell you a truth, when distress fully takes hold that person is destroyed. It is so simple to listen to someone and let them feel better about themselves. The hard part is how you handle the information. There is always someone whose life is far worse than ours. Being patient is a virtue that everyone needs to learn. And yes it is learned. It is harder to rebuild a life than it is to repair one. Life goes on and we will man up and face it. But what good is mankind if they can’t help each other. Think about what you say to people when they ask how you are next time. Did you let them into your life? Or are you going to live with the distress that is eating away at your heart. Only you can make a difference in this life. Pick your choose. It is a Cajun saying.




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