Once Upon A Dream

Everybody has heard that song many times. It is the Sleeping Beauty waltz. It talks of childhood hopes and dreams. The dreams we all tried to make a life from. As we grew, our hopes and dreams seem to fade away. We wanted a wonderful life and to live happily ever after. In our childhood, we saw the possibilities of that dream. As we grew up, our dreams were laughed at and scorned by people who had lost their dreams. Those that held on tight to those dreams, saw them come to pass. Some of those dreams were childish, but it was the hope and encouragement of those dreams that drove us to accomplish our goals. It doesn’t make any difference how old you are. If you have a dream, go for it. Hope is where everyone must start with dreams. As each day is new and brings new possibilities, we can with perseverance and hard work accomplish our dreams. I feel sorry for those that have lost their dreams. Their hope has died within. Their life has become hard and unbearable. I didn’t always have this hope. I know about a hard life. The news talks about the rising suicide rate in America. The rising rate is all about the lack of hope. So where do you find this hope? I only found it in one place. It is not about a new job, or car or clothes. It is about knowing Jesus and Him crucified. My hope for life came from God Himself. I had a chance to live a good life that God had promised from the beginning. God put in us as children, the hope that we needed to live this life. And with this renewed hope, I have life a good life. Doing what God asked me to do. All you have to do is ask God and He will answer.




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