It’s the hardest thing in your life. It not only stops us from moving forward, but it weakens our resolve. Our resolve is what we believe and trust. It is the guiding principal in our lives. I am not saying that all frustration is bad. There are times in our lives when we need it to make a course correction. So, our lives will come into focus more clearly. When I lost my house in the flood of 2016, this was a course correction. That correction took 6 months to happen. I awoke to a new world and direction. All this navigating was directed by God. People don’t believe the God would flood people out to get their attention. Clearly, they haven’t read the bible. There have been wars, floods, famines, captivities and every disaster known to man to get man’s attention. In recent years, since 2000, there have been multiple disasters every year, until and including today. The wise people will turn and face God and ask Him what He wants us to do. For in His forgiveness is life and security for the future. It’s time to turn.

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