Coffee was invented to replace tea. The British Empire had a monopoly on tea. Although, coffee has been around since the 10th century in the Middle East. The British went with tea instead of coffee. The Dutch brought coffee to New World. After, the British began to heavily tax tea in the colonies, the Americans rebelled with the Boston Tea Party. Then coffee became the America drink. It is not surprising that Coffee houses became the hub for news of the rebellion. You can make coffee out of coffee beans or chicory nuts. In New Orleans at a famous beignet restaurant, they only serve coffee with chicory. Louisiana coffee is famous all over the world. As we say, it is so strong, it can stain your cup. With our French heritage, we serve expresso coffee in a demitasse cup. My mother and grandmother would make in a porcelain pot, 3 cups of drip coffee with 2 scoops of dark roast coffee. If they ran out, they made more. This was a sign of hospitality. They developed strong bonds of friendship this way. As the bible says, if you want friends, then show yourself friendly.

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