California Now

As beautiful as the mountains are coming to my friends house,  the beauty of these surroundings has me on overload. The effects of seeing this much beauty has captured the hearts of man for 100’s of years.  This city is called the air condition city. There is a constant breeze.  The temperature for 4th of July week is daytime, 70-75 degrees F. And at night it is in the 60’s. It is so desirable,  the homes are in the millions of dollars. If you can find one. I went to their church yesterday.  They rent a school auditorium. I saw the church. It is under construction.  It is in the Spanish motif. Beautiful craftsmanship. From the stones, to the beams, to the building.  But the most astonishing thing about their church is the people.  It is like someone plugged them into a socket and they became electrified.  Their church is so alive and full of the Holy Ghost. I haven’t seen this but in 3 or 4 churches in my lifetime.  My friend and I  walked out of the  church so full of the Holy Ghost, we looked like we were drunk. And all we had to drink was of God. It was hard to stand. I have pictures to put on the blog. When I figure out my phone, you will see pictures. To my brothers and sisters, get close to God. For those who don’t know Him, seek Him and God will find you.

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