California Retro

The Southwest United States was settled by the Spanish. From Louisiana to California was Spanish America. With the coming of the Spaniards, the church came with them. With the Spanish soldiers, the priests came to build the kingdom of God. The effect of the Spaniards and the church are still felt today. The architecture is Spanish motif and the church is alive and well even in California, surprise, surprise, surprise. I left 90 to 100 degree weather to come to 70 to 60 degrees, The shorelines are beautiful. The mountains are beautiful. Now if all the people were perfect, this would be a perfect place. We went to a place where the surf was covered with sea otters. We are going today to see the sea lions. God is reminding me that we aren’t alone. Just like Elijah told God that there were no more believers left. God told him that there were over 7000 believers who had not bowed their knee to baal. God has always had a people. Mo where they live. the presence of God has been with me this whole trip. He came along with me and strayed. I give Him the glory and honor for all this beauty. And I ask you have you met my Lord and Savior? And all you have to do is to turn toward God and ask for forgiveness. And He is faithful and just to forgive us of our sins.


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