California 4th of July

Every year Americans gather to celebrate the 4th of July,  the day of Independence from the British.  The story is as phenomenal as what happened to our nation. We the people of America worked as a nation and as individuals to build a life worth living. We are founded on moral laws that give us enough room to make mistakes. As a nation, we came back and corrected those mistakes.  Then we moved on.  As individuals and corporately, America was built from sea to shining sea. Then beyond. My friend’s family and friends gathered to fellowship and watch the fireworks.  Why fireworks? It is the reenactment of the British bombardment of Fort McHenry in Baltimore. There were over 100 British warships bombarding the fort to make the Americans surrender. The Americans had a giant flag that survived the bombardment.  It did because Americans held the flagpole up. As they were killed by the bombardment,  another American took his place. In the morning,  the British stopped the bombardment because the American flag was still there. This is where Francis Scott Key wrote our National Anthem.  And so we celebrate with fireworks and pride in our nation,  America.  By the way,  that flag is in the American History museum at the Smithsonian. God bless America.

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