Short time in California

I have 2 days left here. And I am thinking about going home. It is strange,  but I’m not ready, I don’t want to leave. My life is 2000 miles away,  but my heart is here. My family in California consists of my closest brother and his wife and family.  As they say, he is a brother from a another mother.  And I don’t want to leave again.  I know in my heart,  that I will never see him again. And that what makes me hesitant about leaving. My wife and family are waiting for me. But I have suffered too much loss in my life. I want it to stop. California is beautiful.  Where they live is called the Spanish Riviera.  This is where the mountains meet the sea. I believe even if I lived in Death Valley, it would be beautiful to me.  It isn’t where they live, it6 being with them. We are both getting older with all its frailties.  We are  two old war dogs for Christ. We gave our lives in service to God. And we don’t want to give up. It’s the young people’s time to rise up in service to God. And we must make room for them. God has a plan for every life on this earth.  And to find it, all you have to do is turn to God and ask.





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